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Community Development Block Grant

Since States are in the best position to know and to respond to the needs of local governments, Congress amended the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 (HCD Act) in 1981 to give each State the opportunity to administer CDBG funds for non-entitlement areas. Non-entitlement areas include those units of general local government which do not receive CDBG funds directly from HUD as part of the entitlement program (Entitlement Cities and Urban Counties). Non-entitlement areas are cities with populations of less than 50,000, and counties with populations of less than 200,000 although some entitlement cities have a population of less than 50,000 (cities that are designated central cities of Metropolitan Statistical Areas). The State CDBG program has replaced the Small Cities program in States that have elected to participate. Currently, 49 States and Puerto Rico participate in the program.HUD continues to administer the program for non-entitled small cities and counties in the State of Hawaii because it has not elected to participate in the State CDBG Program.


States participating in the CDBG Program award grants only to units of general local government that carry out development activities. Annually each State develops funding priorities and criteria for selecting projects. HUD's role under the State CDBG program is to ensure State compliance with Federal laws, regulations and policies.


The City of Charlack applies for this Grant every year. Our average grant award is $20,000. A Public Hearing is held each year for the residents to voice their opinions on what projects should be completed with the grant money. Listed below are the projects that the City of Charlack has designated funding:


2003 - The overlay of Forest and Lehigh

2004 - The overlay of a portion of Marshall

2005 - The overlay of the 8600 Block of Olden

2006 - Sidewalk repairs through town - 8600 blocks of Olden and Argyle

2007 - Sidewalk repairs

2008 - Sidewalk repairs - remaining funds will also be used to repair Marshall and overlay Windom.

2009 - Repair of Marshall - rebuild base, new sidewalks and curbs, overlay

2012  -Repair of Olden- 1st half overlay and curbs

2013  -Repair of Olden- 2nd half overlay and curbs

2014 - Repair of Windom- 1st half overlay and curbs

2015  - Repair Windom-2nd half overlay and curbs

2016  - Shoulders on Lackland in front of San Rafael Apartments

2017  - Shoulders on Lackland on the East side

2018  -Shoulders front Britow to Gilrose

2019  - West side on Lackland

2020  - Allocated for 2700 block of Burton

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