Municipal Court

The City of Charlack holds court 3 times each month, the Honorable Judge William Buchholz and Dan Cierpot presiding.

There are 2 separate programs that the City utilizes to ensure safer roadways for you and your family while traveling:

The City of Charlack has recently adopted a Traffic Safety Program, which is designed to reduce the number of accidents on our roadways by using the latest technology for vehicles traveling well above the posted speed limits.

The City of Charlack also continues to use our Police Department to ensure a safe community. The City feels that the technology will produce a safer roadway by reducing the number of speed related accidents, however, we also know that there is no substitute for the eyes and ears of a dedicated police officer.

If you have received a ticket from a Charlack Police officer, click here for more information.

If you have received a ticket in the mail (with a picture of your vehicle), click here for more

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